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I am trying to scrape the contents from the Information Box of wikipedia on the right hand side of any wikipage.

I am using DOMXpath to scrape the contents.

On this link's Information box(on the right hand side), I am trying to scrape the Traded as section. However in the page source it is formed of multiple href's.

Traded as:  NASDAQ: GOOG
            NASDAQ-100 Component
            S&P 500 Component

And My SIMPLE_XML_Element_Object looks like this

SimpleXMLElement object {
 @attributes => array(1) (
[class] => (string)
 th => SimpleXMLElement object {
@attributes => array(2) (
  [scope] => (string) row
  [style] => (string) text-align:left;
a => (string) Traded as
td => SimpleXMLElement object {
@attributes => array(2) (
  [class] => (string)
  [style] => (string)
a => array(4) (
  [0] => (string) NASDAQ
  [1] => (string) GOOG
  [2] => (string) NASDAQ-100 Component
  [3] => (string) S&P 500 Component

and this is what I have tried to scrape the contents.

foreach ($xmlElements->xpath("//div[@id='mw-content-text']/table[@class='infobox vcard']/tr") as $node) 
   $name = (string)$node->th;
     $name = (string)$node->th->a;
       $value = implode('~', (string) $node->td->a);
       $value = (string) $node->td->a;

However I am not able to get the value formed as "NASDAQ: GOOD ~ NASDAQ-100 Component ~ NASDAQ-100 Component" and I am the getting the value as "NASDAQ" alone, that is not the required one.

How to get the value from the node if it is an array?

Hope I am clear with my question. Any help would be appreciated.

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Please see http://www.laprbass.com/RAY_temp_user1518659.php

Outputs: string(64) "NASDAQ: GOOG ~ NASDAQ-100 Component ~ S&P 500 Component"

This is really much easier to get right if you just use native PHP functions!

<?php // RAY_temp_user1518659.php
echo '<pre>';

$url = 'http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Google';
$htm = file_get_contents($url);

// echo htmlentities($htm);

$sig = 'Traded as';
$arr = explode($sig, $htm);
$htm = $arr[1];
$sig = '</tr>';
$arr = explode($sig, $htm);
$htm = $arr[0];

$new = trim(strip_tags($htm));
$new = explode(PHP_EOL, $new);
$new = implode(' ~ ', $new);


Best regards, ~Ray

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Thanks for the answer. I would be much more delighted if I ll be able to get the answer following my code procedure(The one I used in the question). Also let me know where I have done wrong. –  user1518659 Dec 23 '12 at 15:12
Also I would like to parse node by node. Dont want to parse the whole HTML each time. –  user1518659 Dec 23 '12 at 15:14
I cannot begin to figure out what your code might be doing wrong because SimpleXML hides some of the required information from var_dump(). DOMXpath is just not the right tool for the job. And there is no "node-by-node advantage -- the entire document must be read no matter how you try to parse it. About the best I can do for you is post a tested-and-working code example, and I have done that. FWIW it was tested with other corporate pages and it always came back with a sensible response. Try changing "Google" to "IBM" in the $url variable and you'll see how it works. –  Ray Paseur Dec 23 '12 at 16:20
please check it. It doesn't seem to give '~' separated output. Just giving output without any separation. –  user1518659 Dec 23 '12 at 17:46
Please check what? I see the tilde here: laprbass.com/RAY_temp_user1518659.php –  Ray Paseur Dec 23 '12 at 17:48

Have you tried outputting the array as print_f($value) to see whether it has the data you need? If all the stocks have the same pattern and you implode them with "~", I believe the first element of array will contain ""NASDAQ: GOOD", the second "NASDAQ-100 Component", so by outputting the second element of the array you will get the needed data.

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I have tried var_dump ing it and it shows oly "NASDAQ" and I am unable to get all the values. I am missing somewhere in my code. please see the page source and try to find it. –  user1518659 Dec 23 '12 at 14:53
You get NASDAQ as the first "a" of the td, try to foreach $node->td->a as foreach($node->td->a as $subnode) –  Oleg Bondarenko Dec 23 '12 at 14:56
the better thing would be if it is an array I can use foreach otherwise just print it. –  user1518659 Dec 23 '12 at 15:07

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