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So I started a post before but it got closed :( since then I have managed to progress a little realizing I need to somehow grab the content inside the [code][/code] tags and do a str_replace() on the smiley bbcode text within them, here is what I have so far but its not working

if (preg_match_all('~[code](.*?)[\/code]~i', $row['message'], $match)){

 foreach($match[1] AS $key) {
   $find    = array(':)',':(',':P',':D',':O',';)','B)',':confused:',':mad:',':redface:',':rolleyes:',':unsure:');
   $replace = array(':)',':(',':P',':D',':O','&#59;)','B)',':confused:',':mad:',':redface:',':rolleyes:',':unsure:');
 $message = str_replace($find, $replace, $key);
  } else {
 $message = $row['message'];

it just returns no message content at all.

if i change this line:

$message = str_replace($find, $replace, $key);

to this:

$message = str_replace($find, $replace, $row['message']);

it sort of works but replaces all smileys inside the whole message rather then just the content inside the [code][/code] tags which I assume is being represented by $key?! ...any help please its causing my brain to overload!

I did find this question which is different but very relevant to mine but there was no real answer to it.

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Please post the test data you're using here. We see a lot of non-working code and it's not all that helpful. But if we can see the test data we can almost always show the right way to handle it. –  Ray Paseur Dec 23 '12 at 14:50
as Ray said a sample input would help.. –  Anirudha Dec 23 '12 at 14:53
Use preg_replace_callback() instead. Consider a recursive regex (tokenization) instead of step-wise replacing. Yes, that's more effort. (No help as all this is boring and the result of you refusing a readymade solution.) –  mario Dec 23 '12 at 15:03
Sorry not quite sure what you mean, the function I use for bbcode replacement is linked in first post, a message is posted and stored in a DB and called via $row['message'] if this contains content within [code][/code] but also has smiley chars (see first post) I need to stop the bbcode function from replacing the smiley text. –  Anna Riekic Dec 23 '12 at 15:04
As mentioned in your previous question [1] I don't think you will come very far (and secure ;)) with regular expression here. Parse the text. Parsing is a process, where you split a text into tokens, build a tree of it (like with nodes of type BbcodeCodeNode) and then interprete it. [1] stackoverflow.com/questions/14007422/… Also there is a ready to use library for bbcode. Google. –  KingCrunch Dec 23 '12 at 15:05

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I think it might be easier for you to use an existing BBCode parser (eg. NBBC) or at least checking how they did that. And they did it in a much more intelligent way. Rather than using regexp, they use a lexer, which splits it into separate tags (shown below). Then, they just don’t do anything to a [code] tag. If you still want to stay with your solution, I would, for one, split them out to arrays (bbcode = explode('[code]', bbcode) and then the same for [code]. Every second list element should not have other parsing used. As stated before: there is no purpose in reinventing the wheel, so don’t do that.

This is how their solution works:

import antigravity
Python is much more awesome.

Becomes eg. an array with the following elements:

  1. [b]Hello![/b]
  2. [code]…[/code]
  3. Python is much more awesome.

And then it applies the formatting it should apply. Much better and more human.

not a comment due to length.

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