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I'm trying to understand if there is a way to break a line ( \n ) in the paper.js textItem: http://paperjs.org/reference/textitem

maybe there's a way to box it in somehow? I need it to breakline at the edges of a square.

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Not sure why people downvote valid questions like this, upvoted to neutralize. –  sundar Aug 6 '13 at 5:38

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No, paper.js cannot currently break lines. It is not a layout manager...at least not a full-functioned layout manager. There is a comment in the TextItem reference that an AreaText is "coming soon" that would do what you want.

For now, you have to split the string yourself, create multiple PointText to hold the pieces of the string, and stack those texts.

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This code line breaks and word wraps as best as I can figure out right now:

    var lines=[];
    var space=-1;
    function cut(){
        for(var i=0;i<txt.length;i++){
            (txt[i]==' ')&&(space=i);
                (space==-1||txt[i]==' ')&&(space=i);
                if(space>0){lines.push(txt.slice((txt[0]==' '?1:0),space));}
                txt=txt.slice(txt[0]==' '?(space+1):space);
    function check(){if(txt.length<=max){lines.push(txt[0]==' '?txt.slice(1):txt);txt='';}else if(txt.length){cut();}return;}
    return this.content=lines.join('\n');

var pointTextLocation = new paper.Point(20,20);
var myText = new paper.PointText(pointTextLocation);
myText.fillColor = 'purple';
myText.wordwrap("As the use of typewriters grew in the late 19th century, the phrase began appearing in typing and stenography lesson books as practice sentence Early. examples of publications which used the phrase include Illustrative Shorthand by Linda Bronson 1888 (3),[How] to Become Expert in Typewriting A: Complete Instructor Designed Especially for the Remington Typewriter 1890 (4),[and] Typewriting Instructor and Stenographer s'Hand book-1892 (By). the turn of the 20th century the, phrase had become widely known In. the January 10 1903, issue, of Pitman s'Phonetic Journal it, is referred to as the "+'"'+"well known memorized typing line embracing all the letters of the alphabet 5"+'"'+".[Robert] Baden Powell-s'book Scouting for Boys 1908 (uses) the phrase as a practice sentence for signaling", 60);

I am trying to improve this, but, it works for pointText. I can't yet see how to make a paper.textItem (can't be much different)

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