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I have a class User and I would like to implement the follow relation (as in twitter). In my model a user can follow a set of other users, and also can be followed by a set of users.

In the database, there are two tables: User and Follow.

Follow has src_id and dst_id, both foreign keys to the User table. An entry in the follow table means that user with id=src_id is following user with id=dst_id.

I am having difficulty expressing this in the actual models... thanks!

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possible duplicate of Relationship like Twitter followers/followed in ActiveRecord – Dan Dec 23 '12 at 15:33
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This should be what you're looking for:

For a more expansive friendship model where users can request to be friends, show pending friends etc. you could try this gem and this is a really good tutorial on how to get it working:

Hope that helps!

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cool gems! thanks. – Dan Dec 23 '12 at 15:26

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