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Suppose I have three tables with relationships like below:

  1. product

    has many options
  2. option

    can belong to many product
    has option_values
  3. option_value

    belongs to many option

Using Laravel I can update option like this


However I want to insert into the option_value as well.

I tried


But that doesnt work. How can this be done with Eloquent ORM?

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You can't access a sub-relationship this way, you have to actually have the model result and call the method on it, or use eager loading but eager loading does not help with an insert.

You would have to loop the option models and insert trough them, but that results in way too many insert queries. Better may be to just grab the related ids and run the insert in a single fluent query instead of many Eloquent.

$option_ids = $product->options()->lists('id');
DB::table(OptionValue::$table)->insert(array_merge($data, $option_ids));
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