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I am working on an Adobe Air application that I would like to be able to launch a movie using the default application. The code I am trying is:

                var file:File = new File;
//currentMovie.ConfiguredPath = 'D:\\Movies\\TestMovie.avi'; 
                file.nativePath = currentMovie.ConfiguredPath;                  

I have also tried this:

//currentMovie.ConfiguredPath = file://D:/Movies/TestMovie.avi'

The first option does nothing. No application opens, no errors, nothing. The second option worked but it launches a separate window, downloads the file to the local user's download directory then opens the file (as long as you click "Open"). This is not exactly the behavior that I was hoping for.

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What you describe using the second option is exactly what I would expect to happen. Maybe we have different versions of what "launch a movie using the default application." means. What type of movie are you trying to launch? How do you expect a client machine to play a server file without downloading it? –  JeffryHouser Dec 23 '12 at 18:18
Yes, I expected the same from option 2 as well. The movie is a .avi (as shown in the comment above). The video file is local to the machine that the application will be running on. So I am hoping to just launch the default application associated with avi on my machine (VLC Player). I may have made an assumption that is what the openWithDefaultApplication would do. –  jay Dec 23 '12 at 21:24

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