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I have a spline chart with daily data. My data is in daily ticks. Is it possible, to make HC show the data in weekly or monthly ticks, instead of the daily ones? The grouped data by week/month should be the sum of the past 7/30 days, not the average.

Or I have to manually pre-process it before feeding it to HC?

EDIT: Main chart config:

var chart = new Highcharts.Chart({

JS Fiddle with example chart: http://jsfiddle.net/gqWLU/

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You can leverage the plotOptions.spline.dataGrouping.approximation option available in Highstock and set it use to "sum" for approximation and set the data grouping to 1 week. Unfortunately, I don't think such a feature is available in core Highcharts though.


dataGrouping: {
        approximation: "sum",
        enabled: true,
        units: [[

Data grouping/aggregating | Highchart & Highstock @ jsFiddle

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We tried a Hack around this, where we used Highstock's (Splinechart) RangeSelector, Event and DataGrouping. On click of weekly rangeselectorButton we catch this event through setExtremes. Post catching the event approximate it to "sum". If you are using two series than iterate the object.

  events: {
         setExtremes: function (e) {
             if (e.rangeSelectorButton != undefined) {
                 var triger = e.rangeSelectorButton;
                 if (triger.type == 'week') {
                     $.each(this.series, function (index, obj) {
                         obj.options.dataGrouping.units[0] = ['week', [1]];
                 } else if (triger.type == 'day') {
                     $.each(this.series, function (index, obj) {
                         obj.options.dataGrouping.units[0] = ['day', [1]];

Please UpVote and sorry could not get time to create fiddle.

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