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I want to generate one PDF file of all posts of a category. I just found the plugins that creates PDF of a single post. I want to compress all Post of a category 'News' in a single PDF/Word file.

Thanks in advance.

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One option would be:

  1. create a template named category-your_category_slug.php. This will make this template to be used when displaying that specific category. I tested with category-uncategorized.php and the url

  2. modify the query to show all posts:

    <?php query_posts($query_string . '&posts_per_page=-1'); ?>
    <?php if ( have_posts() ) : ?>
  3. if you are in a Mac, it's a matter of printing the page and selecting the option Save as PDF
    I cannot suggest Linux or Windows options, but this is a matter of a quick googling

  4. once exported as PDF, remove the template

Or, better yet, you can do the following:

     * Only modify the query if the url is:
    if( isset( $_GET['print-pdf'] ) ) {
        query_posts($query_string . '&posts_per_page=-1'); 

    if ( have_posts() ) : 

So, only when viewing the URL with an extra ?print-pdf all posts will be shown and you can use your system print feature, which will be much better than any PHP/Plugin option you'll find around (at least, that's what my research showed me).

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