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I have the following tables: Section, Questions, Answers and QuestionFlagged. The responses displayed for reviewId=4:

Section 1: User Info
      Question 1: What is your name?        Bob Smith
      Question 2: what is your occupation?  Engineer
      Question 3: Your favorite color?  
Section 1: User Location
      Question 1: What is your work location?  New York, NY
      Question 2: What is your office floor?  5th
      Question 3: your street address?  12 wolf street

I need to the following displayed (Need help with the sql):

Review: 4 | Section 1: User Info | 3 questions | 2 Completed | Flagged: Yes

My tables:


 SectionID int
 Title  nvarchar(50)
 Description nvarchar(2000)


 QuestionID int
 SectionID int
 QuestionText nvarchar(2000)
 Required boolean
 DisplayOrder int


ResponseID int
QuestionID int  
UserID int int
ReviewId int
AnswerValue nvarchar(1000)


FlaggedID int
QuestionID int
ReviewId int
UserId int  
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Based on your response below, I've edited the query. This should get you what you want I believe.

select  rsSectionAggregate.ReviewID, 
        --Show whether there are flagged questions
            when QuestionsFlagged > 0 then 'Yes' 
            else 'No' 
        end as QuestionsFlagged
    --first aggregate the results by section
    select r.ReviewID, rsSections.SectionID, Title, QuestionCount, COUNT(ResponseID) as QuestionsAnswered
        --this is done as a subquery so we know the total
        --number of questions for each section
        select s.SectionID, Title, COUNT(*) as QuestionCount
        from @Section s
        inner join @Question q on s.SectionID = q.SectionID
        group by s.SectionID, Title
    ) rsSections 
    inner join @Question q on rsSections.SectionID = q.SectionID
    left outer join @Response r on q.QuestionID = r.QuestionID
    group by r.ReviewID, rsSections.SectionID, Title,QuestionCount
) rsSectionAggregate
left outer join
    --here we determine if any questions are flagged for a given review
    --by counting them.
    select qf.ReviewID, COUNT(*) as QuestionsFlagged
    from @QuestionFlagged qf
    group by qf.ReviewId
) rsFlagged on rsFlagged.ReviewId = rsSectionAggregate.ReviewId
where rsSectionAggregate.ReviewID = 4

I was working with this SQLFiddle.

If you need the syntax for creating a stored procedure, I can edit that into the answer, but that's easily Googleable.

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If a question (for reviewId=4) appears in the QuestionFlagged table..then it was flagged. – Chaka Dec 23 '12 at 23:55
Bert, I really appreciate the help. – Chaka Dec 23 '12 at 23:56
@Chaka Modified the query to include flagged questions as I understand it. – Bert Evans Dec 24 '12 at 1:16
Bert, you are awesome! Enjoy your holiday. – Chaka Dec 24 '12 at 14:56
@Chaka Thanks, you too. Don't forget to vote or mark as correct answers that helped you out! – Bert Evans Dec 25 '12 at 21:00

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