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def unreturn(lx: Sized[List[Int], Nat._1]): Int = lx head

How to get the head of a list of one element using shapeless? This doesn't compile:

No implicit view available from List[Int] =>

not enough arguments for method sizedOps:
(implicit evidence$2: List[Int] =>
SizedOps[v.A,List[Int],shapeless.Nat._1]. Unspecified value parameter evidence$2.
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You just need to include the type member in the type of your argument:

def unreturn(lx: Sized[List[Int], Nat._1] { type A = Int }): Int = lx.head

The problem is that you know that there's no (safe) way to build a Sized[List[Int], _1] with any other A, but the compiler still needs evidence.

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