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I am loading a set of 100 images to a QTableWidget. Since it takes about 4 seconds loading, I want to show a progress bar (customised one) with activity indicators or spinner etc. How could I update the GUI and the progress bar simultaneously, by signals & slots, and after loading the images?

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What exactly is happening during the "loading"? Are you doing heavy image processing, or just creating QPixmaps and throwing them into the table? –  jdi Dec 24 '12 at 3:55

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Your event loop is busy with your main task, so it can't process your request. All slots will be called after event loop is free. Your options are:

  1. Move slow processing to another thread. That may be not an option here because you can't interact with Qt's widgets in non-main thread.
  2. Call QApplication::processEvents() each time when you want your GUI changes to apply. This is a common and simple solution. This function will execute your slots (if any calls are sheduled), updates GUI and returns execution flow to you.
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A better way to load your images would be using a QThread that emits a signal as it processes the images, and connect that signal to a slot in your main widget, here you'll find a couple of examples

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