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The navigation menu in the Wordpress theme that I'm coding has two different colours of text within the same nav item.

<span class="nav-item-first">About</span><br /><span class="nav-item-second">Us</span>

I know that I can add a span class in the WP menu options. If there's a way that I can keep this tidy so that when I hand it over to the client all they see is "About Us" instead of all the code in the WP menu options, that'd be ideal.

Any ideas?

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You can re-code it this way, as the whole thing would be inside some <a> tag right?

<a href="#">About <span>Us</span></a>

And give the CSS this way:

a {color: #f00;}
a span {display: block; color: #00f;}
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Of course! Much cleaner. Thanks :) – dotwongdotcom Dec 23 '12 at 17:19
Welcome, glad that it helped. :) – Praveen Kumar Dec 23 '12 at 17:19

As it is a stylistic element, I think it would be safe to use javascript to replace the original content, so the HTML can remain clean, and you have a script to replace it with your complex HTML.

It is worth noting that javascript can not be relied on 100% for this task due to various circumstances where it is not rendered, not least of which, when the page is printed.

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