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I use InstallShield 2010 to create my setup.

My program needs SQL Server 2008 Express. So I added "Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express SP1 (x86)" in the redistributables section.

Then in "Edit Prerequisites" => "Application To Run" tab, I insert this statement in a textbox:



But when I run the setup, after some minutes I see this message and SQL Server 2008 Express isn't installed.


Now how can I completely install SQL Server 2008 Express in silent mode?


Problem Solved:

I Do 3 Steps To Solved My Problem:

1- Restart My Computer


3 - Delete /SQLSVCPASSWORD="YesYes" From Statement

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What happens if you run this command line statement manually, on a command prompt? Also: are you sure there isn't already an instance of name MSSQLSERVER (that's the default name for an instance) on that target machine? –  marc_s Dec 23 '12 at 17:53

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I am not sure /IACCEPTSQLSERVERLICENSETERMS requires a boolean value at all?... I just include the statement, without a parameter value and it works.

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Sorry - this should have been a comment, not an answer. –  else Mar 7 '13 at 12:10
It should not have a boolean value. It stands by itself. –  Vern Jensen Jun 1 at 23:14

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