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I have a 2D array. I can get a given column of it with the following:

my @column_zero=map {$_->[0]} @{$twod_array};

Then I can manipulate @column_zero at will.

But how do I place it back into the two dimensional array?

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Do you operate on rows too? if not, perhaps you'd be better off swapping your rows and columns in your array, to match Perl's row-major ordering. –  Len Jaffe Dec 23 '12 at 18:52
I operate on everything. –  Hermann Ingjaldsson Dec 23 '12 at 19:11

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Perhaps it's better to get references to the values instead:

my @ref_to_column_zero = map { \($_->[0]) } @{$twod_array};

... so you can manipulate these values directly: you just need to remember that there are references stored in this array, so they should be dereferenced. For example:

for (@ref_to_column_zero) {
  ${ $_ } *=2;

If you prefer to use the old approach, you can do this:

for (0..$#column_zero) {
  $twod_array->[$_][0] = $column_zero[$_];
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do{my $i; $twod_array[$i++][0] = $_ for @column_zero;};
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