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how to send custom html automated email once when google form is submitted? I want to have my company logo on top and a border around the email. Please Help!

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My guess is that you got negative points because your question is so broad and apparently you made absolutely no effort to do it yourself. But hey, I feel your pain, because I went through the same.

I am assuming you have already figured out how to send an email with the form submitted data using the on form submit trigger. I am no expert, but a good starting point to get it to send in html would be to design your email with an html/css designer and make it look exactly how you want it, then copy the code as the body variable in your script:

var messageBody = '<html><body style="border:1px solid black"><img src="path-to-logo/logo.jpg" /><h1>Heading</h1><p>You submitted:</p><p>'+[form data]+'.</p></body></html>';

And then send the email using htmlBody as suggested by eggyal. Worked for me.

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and also have a look at some html reference site, it has some tutorials and examples as well. –  Serge insas Dec 23 '12 at 20:40

Set the htmlBody advanced argument to MailApp.sendEmail().

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