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Given a class and other classes that extend it either directly or indirectly. Is there a way to get all the classes that directly extend the original class.

class Alpha(object):
    def get_derivatives(cls):
        return [Beta, ] # when called from Alpha
        return [] # when called from Beta

class Beta(Alpha):

I'm guessing there are some complications or it is impossible altogether. There would have to be some specification as to where the derived classes are defined, which would make things tricky...

Is my best bet to hard-code the derived classes into the base one?

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Perhaps you are looking for the __subclasses__ method:

class Alpha(object):
    def get_derivatives(cls):
        return cls.__subclasses__() 

class Beta(Alpha):



[<class '__main__.Beta'>]
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That looks like exactly what I need, thanks. Does this include every class currently imported, or which does it include? – Mark Dec 23 '12 at 20:21
cls.__subclasses__ will list all classes (that have been defined) that derive from cls. (Note that __subclasses__ is a method available to new-style classes (i.e. those that derive from object) only. This won't work for classic classes.) – unutbu Dec 23 '12 at 20:24

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