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I want to combine 2 different button click events in one button click. I have two threads in these two button click events to update text box in winform. When I am trying to combine these two buttons, threads run synchronously but I need thread2 runs after thread1 finishes. How can I do that? I tried doing thread1.start than thread2.start but it did not work because all click event executes at once. Is there anyone to help me? Thanks.

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.Net 4: If you are using .net 4 or later, take a look at Tasks, particularly the ContinueWith method. This is a more uniform approach that is much better.

.Net 1-3.5: If you are already managing the threading yourself, probably the best way is to have only one thread.

new Thread(DoJob1And2).Start()

Where the methods are defined as:

void DoJob1And2()

void Job1()
   // Do job 1

void Job2()
   // Do job 2
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I tried to write in one functions but I did not use try finally and I didn't use a new thread to call DoJob1And2. It works. Thank you very much. – user1243987 Dec 23 '12 at 20:50

You can do it like

new Thread(() =>

or better using TPL

Task.Factory.StartNew(() => Method1())   
            .ContinueWith(t => Method2());
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