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This is a generalized version of a more specific question I've had. Basically, I have a project that uses OmniAuth + rolify, and I'm trying to create controller tests (not integration/feature tests, but specifically testing the controller).

The problem is that this controller has conditional logic depending on the type of user logged in. Trying to log a mock user in via OmniAuth from inside a controller test is turning out to be a bit of a nightmare.

Is this because I'm a noob who doesn't know how to do this, or because trying to use OmniAuth mocks from within controller tests is just a bad idea?

Any tips/pointers would be most appreciated. I'm not using Devise, just OmniAuth and rolify.

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Ever figure out anything about this? I have a similar situation. My controller behaves differently for different kinds of users. I don't want to test Omniauth there. I just want the current_user to be properly set to my test user. –  slothbear Nov 13 at 0:54

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