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I will need to develop/deploy an EAR (webapp + ejbs, webservices) and its the time to know 'where on Internet?'.

this Ear is a simple webapp jsf + ejbs 3, webservices.
app: affiliations system
for who: health sector
users: aprox 2000 users are going to hit (get affiliated) to the app, aprox only 50 simultanely.
server: sun glassfish v2 or v3
database: oracle 10g or mysql 5
os: centos 5+

accoding to this table http://docs.sun.com/app/docs/doc/820-3530/abpak?a=view I'll need a host with 1G+ RAM to run glassfish, and I want to know your professional advice to find the better hosting services for scalability, performance, low-cost, to deploy this app.

Thank you.

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Is Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud aka Amazon EC2 an option? CentOS 5 isn't listed in the Operating Systems and Software provided by Amazon but according to this thread, CentOS 5 is very close to RHEL:

CentOS 5 is 99.9% Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5. With exception to the yum update process used within CentOS, the only difference between the two is the name. In fact, with CentOS5/RHEL5, yum is the actual update process under the hood - up2date is now just a simple wrapper around yum.

Or you could go for a shared CentOS 5 AMI provided by RightScale (check this page too).

Or maybe choose a GlassFish AMI provided by Sun (e.g. OpenSolaris + GlassFish + MySQL).

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