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How can I create dynamic Razor lines like:

    string atr = "MyAttribute";
    string s = "@Html.DisplayFor(modelItem => item.Type.Word." + atr + ")";

and make these lines to be rendered as Razor lines?

I tried:

@(new HtmlString(s))



But no luck with that.

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I think it is achievable but not using HtmlHelpers, instead use directly created html like this:

@foreach(var modelItem in Model){
    string atr = "MyAttribute";
    string tag = string.Format(@"<a href=""{0}"">{1}</a>","#",modelItem.Type.Word+atr);

Inside the razor brackets you can do conditional statements that will result in dynamic html

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@{ string atr = "." + "MyAttribute"; string tag = string.Format(@"<a href=""{0}"">{1}</a>","#", item.Type.Word + atr); } <text>@tag</text> Tried this but it returns, "{MyProjectName}.Models.Word.Tr" –  IsThatSo Dec 23 '12 at 22:34
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After my research, I found out this is not doable. Instead of creating dynamic razor lines, I created a new Helper class in Helpers directory I created and defined a function that returns the Word in wanted language:

public abstract class Helper<T> : WebViewPage<T> 
    int languageID = Convert.ToInt16(System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Session["Language"]);
    public virtual string getWord (int? id)
        string wantedWord = //operations..;
        return wantedWord;

And defined the pageBaseType in my WebConfig.xml in Views directory.

<pages pageBaseType="MyProject.Helpers.Helper">

And I call the function in my Views:

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