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I have never used annotations in Struts2.

But now, while going through some hibernate annotations tutorials, I got this question in my mind. Is it possible that in Struts2 I can use both annotations and xml for configuring my action classes? i.e. is it possible that I can configure some of my action classes in struts.xml and rest of them using annotations?

I will anyway try to code this when I'll get a chance (right now, using a system with no IDE and slow internet). Is there anybody else who has tried this?

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Yes dude I have tried and it worked pretty well. I had done it in the beginning of my struts learning assignments where i tried doing many things into single project and I did configure some of my action classes in struts.xml and rest of them using annotations. You can try when you will get chance, It works 100%. Dont worry :)

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It works fine for me as well. You have to remember to not set the config parameter for your StrutsPrepareAndExecuteFilter. Instead, make sure that the struts.xml file is in the /WEB-INF/classes directory of your WAR.

If you do accidentally set the config parameter of the servlet filter StrutsPrepareAndExecuteFilter, your parameter actionPackages will get ignored.

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