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I tried to change the encoding of ANSI files (àìà ìùîåø) to UTF8. I was manage to do that in the pass.

Now when i try to do the same thing, the encoding setting is changing but the weird character does not change and does not seems to get any effect. I have tried with any good editors like notepad++ notepad2 notepad3 with no success. I think that the problem is in my machine.

What could it be?


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So you have a text file which has "weird characters", you open it in Notepad++, change the encoding and save it? Nope, that won't do a thing. It will just make Notepad++ save the weird character in a different encoding. If you need to fix a broken text file, it depends on how it got broken. – deceze Dec 23 '12 at 22:03
It originally saved as ANSI that's why the "weird characters". We are talking about subtitles file. I did the same with notepad on other machine and that's worked. This is the same method i used in the pass and its worked. – Oren Yakobi Dec 24 '12 at 5:41

If you have Microsoft Office 2003 open Word copy the text and select it then go to tools -> fix broken text and choose your language. this will convert the text back to its original state

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