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I know how to use INDEX as in the following code. And I know how to use foreign key and primary key.

task VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL, 
date_completed TIMESTAMP, 
PRIMARY KEY (task_id), 
INDEX parent (parent_id), 

However I found a code using KEY instead of INDEX as following.

KEY order_date (order_date) 

I am not able to find any document in MySQL official page.

Could anyone tell me what the differences are between KEY and INDEX? What I can see the difference is that when I uses KEY ..., I need to repeat the word, e.g. KEY order_date (order_date).

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There's no difference. They are synonyms.

From the CREATE TABLE manual entry:

KEY is normally a synonym for INDEX. The key attribute PRIMARY KEY can also be specified as just KEY when given in a column definition. This was implemented for compatibility with other database systems.

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When looking at table info in the latest version of SQLYog it shows KEY keyname (column_name) when I created the table with INDEX keyname (column_name). The fact that it is a synonym explains it perfectly. – crmpicco Apr 2 '14 at 10:10

Here is a nice description about the "difference":

"MySQL requires every Key also be indexed, that's an implementation detail specific to MySQL to improve performance."

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Keys are special fields that play very specific roles within a table, and the type of key determines its purpose within the table.

An index is a structure that RDBMS(database management system) provides to improve data processing. An index has nothing to do with a logical database structure.


Keys are logical structures you use to identify records within a table and indexes are physical structures you use to optimize data processing.

Source: Database Design for Mere Mortals

Author: Michael Hernandez

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It is mentioned as a synonym for INDEX in the 'create table' docs: MySQL 5.5 Reference Manual :: 13 SQL Statement Syntax :: 13.1 Data Definition Statements :: 13.1.17 CREATE TABLE Syntax

Nos already cited the section and linked the help for 5.1.

Like PRIMARY KEY creates a primary key and an index for you, KEY creates an index only.

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