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i've got an sql statement that works pretty well. but on implementing in my webapp working with play 2.1 i get this error: javax.persistence.PersistenceException: Query threw SQLException:Column Index out of range, 0 < 1.

i found this question here: Error executing MySQL query via ebean using RawSql but then i got other exceptions.

i'm trying to get tagged threads that contains a list of tags (same as stack overflow does). here the sql statement

SELECT t.topic 
FROM topic t 
           FROM topic_tag tt 
           INNER JOIN tag ta ON ta.id = tt.tag_id 
           WHERE ta.name IN ('children', 'spain','new') 
           AND tt.topic_id = t.id ) 

in play i do this:

RawSql rawSql = RawSqlBuilder.unparsed(sqlString).create();
result =  find.setRawSql(rawSql).findList();

then, i got the out of bounds exception. after that i try to set column mappings:

RawSql rawSql = RawSqlBuilder.unparsed(sqlString)

now i get a null pointer exception. probably because ebean can't create a query from that.

here some code from my models:

public class Topic extends Model{

public Long id;

public String topic;

public List<Tag> tagList;

public class Tag extends Model {

public long id;

public String name;

after a lot of trying and frustrating i hope that somebody got a hint or a solution for this.

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I just wasted few hours with similar problem, I actually managed to solve it by only mapping id field for certain kind of model and selecting lesser amount of fields, other values were automatically loaded after that - So basically, error occurred if I tried to select values like:

.. select e.id, e.name, e.description from exampleTable e .. and use mappings like:

RawSql rawSql = RawSqlBuilder.parse(sql)
// map the sql result columns to bean properties
.columnMapping("e.id", "exampleModel.id")
.columnMapping("e.name", "exampleModel.name")
.columnMapping("e.description", "exampleModel.description")

When I changed to select only e.id and map:

RawSql rawSql = RawSqlBuilder.parse(sql)
// map the sql result columns to bean properties
.columnMapping("e.id", "exampleModel.id")

It loaded also e.name and e.description to model values and errors disappeared. (Of course my own query had several joins and were bit more complicated than this, but basics are the same.)

So to summarize: when this problem occurs, check that you are not loading anything twice (columnMapping), use System.out.println(""); or similar to check which values are already loaded for your model. Remember to also check annotations such as "@JoinColumn" which might load more data under same model - just based on given e.id value. If you dont select and set e.id as columnMapping value, then you might need to list all needed fields separately as .. e.name, e.description ..

Hopefully these findings helps someone out.

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