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Sometimes we use third party code. But the repositories of these codes are not accessible to us, which means they are only released in a tarball. In such cases, svn_load_dirs.pl is a very handy script to commit such codes to a vendor branch and make fake history at out side. This will make merge easier. My question is that is there anything alike for git?

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This doesn't seem really needed with Git:

Each third-party can be stored in its own git repo, and referenced in your main repo as a submodule.
See more at "Vendor Branches in Git".

Or you can create a vendor branch, and import it there, as in "How do I import a third party lib into git?".

In both cases, updating the content is quite straightforward:
Just delete everything, unzip the new version and git add .: git will detect the evolutions, removal and additions.

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Yes, it works. I'm happy that git correctly handles these changes, especially files that are removed. With svn you should explicitly remove these files or you'll get a messy vendor code. That's why svn_load_dirs.pl exist. Thank you. –  Alvin Cao Dec 24 '12 at 5:24

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