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I have a Java project in Eclipse that is being managed by SVN (Subclipse). I want to make an exact copy of the project, but with a different name, and I don't want to copy over any SVN metadata.

In other words, myProject is a working copy of a project hosted in an SVN repo. I want to make myProject-clone but such that myProject-clone is not also a working copy of the SVN project.

How can I do this?

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I would go to your folder where the plugin is located copy the plugin and paste into a temp folder. then in that temp folder assuming you are using windows search for *.svn and then select all search results and that will remove all the svn metadata. There might be other ways but that is how I have done it before. One other approach would be to "disconnect" project and select clear all svn metadata then recheck out

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Just use the svn export command. Also you could try

copy-item $source -destination $dest -exclude *.svn -recurse

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If you are using Mac, *nix or other environment with rsync you can pass in the -C argument to ignore SVN/CVS metadata:

rsync -avC /path/to/working_dir /path/to/copy_dir
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