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I've deployed an app to Heroku, and I'm currently storing my environment variables in an .env file. I used heroku config:push to push the variables up to heroku, and that worked fine.

Now, I want to update one of them. I changed it in my .env file, and ran heroku config:push again. The push said it was successful, but when I run heroku config, I can see that the values actually haven't changed. I've tried running heroku restart, but that didn't do anything.

How can I update my environment variables in heroku?

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Figured it out. You need to run heroku config:push --overwrite because it won't overwrite existing variables by default. This is poorly documented :-/

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+1 for poor documentation by heroku. devcenter.heroku.com/articles/config-vars#local-setup clearly states that you need to use --overwrite when pulling variables but not when pushing. –  liquidki Aug 7 at 21:35
heroku config:push --overwrite doesn't seem to be working for me. It still shows the older configuration when I do heroku config –  Pratik Mandrekar Aug 20 at 13:56

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