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I've got the list values stored as:

country = [u'USA']

How can I turn it into just 'USA'. I've tried str(country), but it didn't work.

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"Get the first element of the list"? [u'USA'] is a list that contains a [unicode] string as the first and only element. The __str__ protocol for a list will output the "[..]" as well. – user166390 Dec 24 '12 at 3:38
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Apply str() on the element not on the list:

In [206]: country = [u'USA']

In [207]: country[0] = str(country[0])

In [208]: country
Out[208]: ['USA']

or may be you meant this:

In [217]: country = [u'USA']

In [218]: country = str(country[0])

In [219]: country
Out[219]: 'USA'
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country is a list that already contains Unicode strings. You don't need to convert it. The u'' syntax is just the item representation as a Python literal (how you would type it in a Python source code).

If you do need a bytestring; use .encode() method with an appropriate character encoding e.g.:

b = country[0].encode("ascii")

In general, structure a text processing code as Unicode sandwich i.e., use Unicode internally and use bytes only to communicate with outside world; don't mix the two.

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