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I dont know how come the context principle is changing in AuthorisationManager. My code is like

  public class AuthorisationManager : ClaimsAuthorizationManager
    public override bool CheckAccess(AuthorizationContext context)
        var resource = context.Resource.First().Value;
        var action = context.Action.First().Value;
        return context.Principal.HasClaim(resource, action);
    public override void LoadCustomConfiguration(System.Xml.XmlNodeList nodelist)

I have list of items in GUI. It works fine first time but when I select second item the context.Principle is chnaged to GenericPrinciple.

Any idea will be helpfull on this.

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Yeah I vaguely remember that there is some "feature" in WPF around Thread.CurrentPrincipal.


Thread.CurrentPrincipal = principal


IIRC you maybe have to do that in the App class (ctor?).

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my application is WPF based desktop application and i am just loading the claims based on user into its ClaimsIdentity. Is it wrong, please correct me. How come it is defeating the purpose of claim based authorization.. – D J Dec 26 '12 at 2:50
perfect one.. thanks a lot.. – D J Dec 27 '12 at 12:09

"return context.Principal.HasClaim(resource, action);"

Well - typically there is no 1:1 corellation of claims and authorizatin "decisions". Also in typical scenarios claims only hold identity data - something data can be used later to base authorization decisions on. The authorization manager then uses its own data management to make those deicions.

Now since this is a client application (i didn't know that it was WPF) you may do things a little differently. In server applications your approach would scale very well.

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