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I was tasked with converting this asp.net(vbs) application to javascript...

I'm a PHP / JS Dev and I honestly havent even read a line of visual basic code in over 15 years so I'm pretty rusty...

Can someone explain to me the whats going on here?

Dim VarName(100) as Double

It looks to me like they are casting VarName as an array, and as a double at the same time. This is confusing to me. Is it an array of doubles? or is it a double that has 100 digits?

They also do the same thing except with strings

Dim VarName(100) as String

What gives? I tried googling it all I'm getting is novice stuff that does not cover Dimming in this manner.


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It is declaring array of 100 elements of type double, you can read more about declaring array in VB on msdn

Different ways of declaring arrays.

Dim cargoWeights(10) As Double 
Dim atmospherePressures(2, 2, 4, 10) As Short 
Dim inquiriesByYearMonthDay(20)()() As Byte
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thank you!!!!!! –  SublymeRick Dec 24 '12 at 6:25

From VB

Dim VarName(100) as Double 'array of doubles with length 100 

-> PHP

$VarName = array(100)


Dim VarName(100) as String 'string with 100 chars

-> PHP

$name = "What is your name?" //JUST declare variable and assign it string value
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