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The Rails application I'm currently working on is hosted at Amazon EC2 servers. It's using Resque for running background jobs, and there are 2 such instances (would-be production and a stage). Also I've mounted Resque monitoring web app to the /resque route (on stage only).

Here is my question: Why there are workers from multiple hosts registered within my stage system and how can I avoid this?

Some additional details: I see workers from apparently 3 different machines, but only 2 of them I managed to identify - the stage(obviously) and the production. The third has another address format(starts with domU) and haven't any clue what it could be.

foreign resque workers

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It looks like you're sharing a single Redis server across multiple resque server environments.

The best way to do this safely is to use separate Redis servers or separate Redis databases or namespaces. The Redis-namespace gem can be used with Resque to isolate each environments Resque queues and worker data.

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I can't really help you with what the unknown one is, but I had something similar happen when moving hosts and having dns names change. The only way I found to clear out the old ones was to stop all workers on the machine, fire up IRB, require 'resque' and look at Resque.workers. This will list all the workers resque knows about, which in your case will include about 20 bogus ones. You can then do:

Resque.workers.each do {|worker| worker.unregister_worker}

This should prune all the not-really-there workers and get you back to a proper display of the real workers.

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