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I'm trying to get Mercurial going with IIS6 on Windows Server 2003 following the tutorial on this blog

My setup is


and the folder containing repositories is in


My hgweb.config looks like this

test = D:\HG_rep\**

style = monoblue

I tried pretty much every combination of forward/backward slashes, no slashed and whatnot, the only way I get it to work is to put my repository in the c: drive, then it works like a charm by simply putting this n hgweb.config

test = \HG_rep\**

style = monoblue

Any idea on what's wrong?

p.s.: could it be some weird permission problem? If so, how can I troubleshoot it?

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I figured it out: the user configured in the IIS application pool didn't have read/write access to the repository folder!

Sometimes things are much easier than we think... Now I'm trying to troubleshoot why I can't connect to my repository with TortoiseHG...

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I guess the ":" is interpreted by the configparser.

Can you try to escape it ? A newer hg version should solve it too, since it includes it's own configuration file parser.

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