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I am using log-in with Facebook(PHP-SDK) script for my PHP application.

When user firstly come into application and click on link "Log-in with Facebook" then he/she redirect to Face-book login window. And asking by Facebook for Log-in credentials, after that user get redirect to my application by authenticate from Facebook. : WHICH IS GOOD

But once user who logged into application from Facebook Log-in link can not Log-out from my application. I mean can not Log-out from Face-book.

Even Facebook Log-out code is there in script.

I don't know why this happening.

So what should i change in my code.

Please help me. Thnx in advance.

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Can you share your code –  Sahil Mittal Dec 24 '12 at 7:23
your code Please –  Awais Qarni Dec 24 '12 at 7:25
Have you provided the logout link ? Is the session not getting destroyed ? –  Anvesh Saxena Dec 24 '12 at 7:28

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