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I want to do multiple operation in calculator for example:2+3*3/7. How to do that. can any one help me. The single operation of the calculator work.

How to calculate multiple operations in one editText. This code is added on equal button click method.

Below is my code:

      btnEqualto.setOnClickListener(new OnClickListener() 



            public void onClick(View v) 


                         String str2 = edtxt.getText().toString();

                           if (buttonPressed.equals("+")) 

                    Log.e(TAG,"dot operation="+strDot);

                    if (strDot.equals(".")) 

                        Log.e(TAG, "If Codition :");

                        String str1[] = str2.split("[+]");

                        Log.e(TAG,"str1 ="+str1);

                        String strVal11 = str1[0];

                        String strVal22 = str1[1];

            Log.e(TAG, "strValues  :" + strVal11 + " & " + strVal22);

                        Double xx = Double.parseDouble(strVal11);

                        Double yy = Double.parseDouble(strVal22);

           Log.e(TAG, "Value of x :" + xx + "  AND y : " + yy);

                        Log.e(TAG, "dot operation");

                        Double result = xx + yy;

                        Log.e(TAG, "Result  :" + result);

                        edtxt.setText(result + "");

                        Log.e(TAG, "VAlue of Result :" + edtxt);




                        Log.e(TAG, "If Codition :"+strVal2);

                        strDot = "";

                        String str1[] = str2.split("[+]");

                        strVal1 = str1[0];

                        strVal2 = str1[1];

                              Log.e(TAG, "Esle Condition 4 Pllus strValues  :" + strVal1 + " & " + strVal2);

                        x = Integer.parseInt(strVal1);

                        y = Integer.parseInt(strVal2);

                Log.e(TAG, "Value of x :" + x + "  AND y : " + y);

                        int result = x + y;

                        Log.e(TAG, "Result  :" + result);

                        edtxt.setText(result + "");
                                                        Log.e(TAG, "VAlue of Result :" + edtxt);





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What error are you getting? Please post the text from the Eclipse LogCat window (the entire red part). – user113215 Dec 24 '12 at 7:39
And don't suppress 'unused' warnings. – zmbq Dec 24 '12 at 7:40

Try exp4j: a simple mathematical expression parser for java..

exp4j takes a mathematical term in human readable infix notation and evaluate it's result by first converting the input through Dijkstra's Shunting Yard Algorithm to postfix (RNP) notation and evaluating the postfix term by a simple Stack Algorithm.

Try it and see if this works for you..

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    Use the regular expression to solve the multi operation in android.
    Hope so useful.visit the link for  more info:


Regular Expression:

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