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I am using websocket based MVC architecture, This MVC life cycle is similar to Spring and Struts, now I have to support periodic update for my views.

  1. Each controller is responsible for each view present in the client
  2. Controller has to update the view in a periodic interval
  3. I am not maintain any session for each client. So the controller has to update for all clients.
  4. I dont want to create thread inside Controller, because we have so many controllers for each view.
  5. So, I want to create a separate module that has to handle this periodic update via Controller (by calling Controller methods).
  6. At last, I want to keep the client just for display, so I dont want to keep timer in client side.

I want to follow some standard way to design this, please help me to follow the standard design patterns (like MVC) to do this.

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