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My Question: How do I properly setup the Google Tasks client library api so I can build my app? (i.e. this may be just a dependency problem due to poor documentation).

The problem: Google Tasks has unfortunate lower support so the documentation on this is out of date (their code doesn't compile with the dependencies they give). I'm missing the following necessary classes:


I can't seem to find *.draft10.*;. It is (they are) not contained in any of the dependencies Google gives in the documentation for setup.

I'm actually guessing that the problem isn't with the client library they provide, but the setup code example they give.

I thought about just hitting the REST service using scribe to authenticate instead, but I faced some challenges there as well and I think it would be a lot easier to just figure out this problem.

Note: My app is a client application. It's for personal development and enjoyment. It will probably have a really simple swing interface. I'm not doing anything on Android or in a web app.

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Sorry about the Tasks documentation being so out of date! We do have two updated examples for the google-api-java-client that may be of help to you:

calendar-cmdline-sample demonstrates how to do the OAuth 2.0 flow

tasks-android-sample demonstrates working with the Tasks API

NOTE: I'm an owner of google-api-java-client project

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Hopefully this points someone in the right direction. Thanks! – kentcdodds Jan 13 '13 at 20:42

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