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I have 2 tables. one is groups and other is frames. groups has id, name, owner as columns. grouppage has id,name and user_id. users can have group pages. users can edit page if they are owner of the group .Means user_id = owner. Otherwise users can not edit the group page. Hence i have a public property called can_edit.this is true if user_id = owner. now i want to connect these 2 table using relational ADO. But how do i do it? because i have to connect the user_id in grouppage table to owner in groups. Neither owner nor group_id are primary keys?

Any solution /ideas

Thanks to all Smith

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Why do "users have group pages"? Wouldn't it be more reasonable to set group_id in grouppage (and maybe leave user_id there too if you need it)? Anyway, your tables' schemes could help in understanding of your problem. –  Hnatt Dec 25 '12 at 20:56

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