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Recently,when I developed android app,I check the official document,it state a fragment which allow not to supply UI,so I want't to ask whether I can use a non-UI fragment to do something,because I don't know that if I add a fragment,it cost a lot cpu time or memory?Is it a inefficient behavior?

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May be you want to know about performance of fragment.

check this

UI performance about Fragment

or Read this:- http://assets.en.oreilly.com/1/event/68/Fragments%20for%20All%20Presentation.pdf

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For this fragment you do not need to create any fragment or framelayout in xml file – Unknown Dec 24 '12 at 9:55
I want to know the performance of adding a fragment,because I want to decide whether it is valueable to add a non-ui fragment,just want to use its advantage of communication with activity – user1427280 Dec 25 '12 at 6:59

Fragments are an excellent way to provide a lightweight service or maintain some state in your application. You can do without them, bundling everything into your Activity, but this gets unwieldy fast for a non-trivial application. Fragments are lighter-weight than splitting you app into multiple activities (though that can have its own advantages).

See also the responses to What is the use case for a Fragment with no UI.

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