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C : How to simulate an EOF?

I am currently trying to get use to C programming language. I have learnt java, so I am a bit familiar with the code style and all, but obviously there are differences.

This is the code that I currently have. It is from textbook, so I am assuming there is nothing wrong with the code.

#include <stdio.h>

int main(void)
    long numberOfCharacter;

    numberOfCharacter = 0;

    while(getchar() != EOF)

    printf("%1d\n", numberOfCharacter);

I think that I have to trigger EOF in order to get the output that I want. I saw some other posts and they said to press Ctrl+Z to trigger the EOF, and I've tried but it doesn't work. I am assuming because it is Netbeans. So, the question is how do you trigger EOF in Netbeans?

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If you're on a Linux system, try CTRL-D instead of CTRL-Z.

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