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I'm using primefaces 3.2 in my JSF project. For a numeric field I used the spinner component to restrict the user to input only numeric values. However, the spinner has a strange issue! It does not accept inputs from numpad of the keyboard.

I checked the showcase but there is no problem there. I think the showcase is for v3.3. If this is a bug in v3.2 do you have any idea to fix this without upgrading to v3.3?

Thanks in advance.

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Its indeed was a known issue Issue 3711: Spinner support numeric pad key in

It was fixed in the revision N#7405 of the spinner.js

You can take a look at the diff between 7220 and 7405 revisions of the spinner.js files (in case that you want to override with a newer version)

spinner.js r7220 vs. r7405

INMO you better just upgrade...

Another possible solution is to take the updated spinner.js and put it in your resource folder and load it using the last facet like here

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