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Is it possible to perform a bulk insert into an MS-SQL Server (2000, 2005, 2008) using the RODBC package?

I know that I can do this using freebcp, but I curious if the RODBC package implements this portion of the Microsoft SQL API and if not, how difficult it would be to implement it.

-- Dan

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You're probably looking for ?sqlSave which uses a parametrized INSERT INTO query (taking place in one operation) when you set Fast=True.

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Nah, sqlSave will do multiple INSERTS. I want a BULK INSERT which is a single transaction. –  ephpostfacto Nov 6 '09 at 21:42
does fast=true not do it as a single transaction? –  Tyler Nov 9 '09 at 23:40

Now You can use dbBulkCopy from the new rsqlserver package:

A typical scenario:

  1. You create a matrix
  2. you save it as a csv file
  3. You call dbBulkCopy to read fil and insert it using internally bcp tool of MS Sql server.

This assume that your table is already created in the data base:

dat <- matrix(round(rnorm(nrow*ncol),nrow,ncol)
id.file = "temp_file.csv"                      
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any reason why rsqlserver is not on cran? –  Jan Gorecki Feb 6 at 16:56
@MusX because it is under development(specially documentation and tests part) and it uses rClr package which is not on CRAN too. But you are encouraged to use it from GITHUB and will be happy with any feedback. –  agstudy Feb 6 at 17:00

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