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How can I make a specific 3d model transparent? Is it as simple as changing the opacity of the model's material?

I tried the following:

SolidColorBrush br = (SolidColorBrush)matDif.Brush; //matDif = DiffuseMaterial
br.Opacity = 0.3;

When it tries setting the opacity it says that it is in a read-only state and cannot be changed?

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2 Answers

On this page (which admittedly is XAML rather than C# it has the following:

    <DiffuseMaterial Brush="#8000FFFF" />

    <DiffuseMaterial Brush="#80FF0000" />

So it looks like you just set the Brush to an ARGB colour.

This thread on social.msdn has some interesting looking links. I haven't looked at them all, but some of them might be useful.

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        Color c = new Color();
        c.A = 128;
        c.R = Colors.PeachPuff.R;
        c.G = Colors.PeachPuff.G;
        c.B = Colors.PeachPuff.B;
        Material Material = new DiffuseMaterial(new SolidColorBrush(c));

works for me

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