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this cause error:

$xml .= "\t<team id=\"$team['id']\"";

this doesn't cause error:

$xml .= "\t<team id=\"\"";

What's the problem?

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You can either remove the single quotes:

$xml .= "\t<team id=\"$team[id]\"";

Or you can use the curly brackets inside double quoted strings using one of the following syntax:

$xml .= "\t<team id=\"{$team['id']}\"";
$xml .= "\t<team id=\"${team['id']}\"";

Reference (scroll down to the "variable parsing" section).

Few more examples:

echo "$team[id]";
echo "{$team['first name']}"; // e.g. when there are spaces in key names
echo "{${getVarName()}}";     // e.g. when we cannot use $ directly
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+1 curly braces to the rescue! Correct way to fix this. – cryptic ツ Dec 24 '12 at 10:57

This should work:

$xml .= "\t<team id=\"$team[id]\"";

See how I removed the single quotes around the id.

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Try this:

$xml .= "\t<team id='".$team['id']."'";
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Try This

$xml .= "\t<team id=\"".$team['id']."\"";

Or you can use the curly brackets like this

$xml .= "\t<team id=\"{$team['id']}\"";
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I think the problem is the $team['id'] more than the double quotes.

Have you tried:

$xml .= "\t<team id=\"".$team['id']."\""; 
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by doing this the \t will no longer be interpreted as a tab space – cryptic ツ Dec 24 '12 at 10:56
totally true, changing to double quotes again. – Naryl Dec 24 '12 at 10:59

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