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My question is very stupid but i don't find example of the Doctrine 2 dbal and the cache manager.

I can't use a useResultCache method on a dbal query ?

$q = \Zend_Registry::get('em')->getConnection()->createQueryBuilder()
->select('f.idprd, f.lprd')
->from('tb_prd', 'f')
->andWhere($q->expr()->eq('f.niveau', $iNiveau))

Thanks a lot !

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I found that :


It's working :

public static function getList() {
    $q = \Zend_Registry::get('em')->getConnection()->createQueryBuilder()
        ->from('tb_niv_prd', 'np')
        ->andWhere("np.lniveau IS NOT NULL")
        ->andWhere("np.niveau <> 10")
        ->addOrderBy('np.lniveau', 'ASC');

    $stmt = \Zend_Registry::get('em')->getConnection()->executeCacheQuery(
        $q->getSql(), array(), array(), new \Doctrine\DBAL\Cache\QueryCacheProfile(0,
    $aResult = $stmt->fetchAll(\PDO::FETCH_ASSOC);
    return $aResult;
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Wow thanks! I thought this wasn't possible. But I wonder if building the query every time isn't already bringing unnecessary overhead anyway. Doctrine's API is pretty retarded some times. –  ChocoDeveloper Aug 10 '13 at 15:17

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