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I need to export features from a particular layer in the Autocad2013 drawing to ESRI shapefile format. As I am using the c#, I have downloaded ObjectARX for Autocad. But I don't know whether any library support the direct conversion to shapefile format.

I would be thankful if anyone could provide the right suggestion to doing this.

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NetTopologySuite(NTS) is a .Net API that is used in Gis related applications. It does contain methods to export to shapefile.

The challenge here would be to convert the Autodesk Objects(AcDbPolyline etc..) to NTS type Geometries. TF.Net is another library that has a decent DwgReaderWriter to convert AutoCad geometries to Nts Geometries. TF.Net actually uses NTS as a reference itself so you need to take care of namespace collision. Or you could use TF.Net alone without Nts but I am not sure if TF.Net has its underlying NTS updated to the latest version.

There are some samples on using TF.Net IO here

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Try FDO export options.

Mapguide API documentation and Autodesk Map3d developer documentation has some examples to help you. Also check the sample folder that comes along with Autodesk Map3d which has some sample applications.

Here are some links that might be useful http://trac.osgeo.org/fdo/browser/trunk/Providers/SHP/Managed/UnitTest/ProviderTests/SelectTests.cs



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Mapexport via AutoCAD Civil 3D will do the trick or give the ARCGIS for AutoCAD a look it is a free Plugin that allows for sharing of AutoCAD linework with ESRI Data Layers

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