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How to display formatted code in webpage

I'm sure this question must have been asked before however I cannot find it anywhere. (I must be searching for the wrong thing)

Much like this site allows you to do, I would like to place c# onto my webpage so that I can write tutorials / examples.

var tute = new Tutorial();    
//Display all of this 

is this performed by CSS trickery? and if so is there a library that can be taken to do this?

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Yes it's all done via CSS. Here is a blog post that should help you.

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Its not all done with just CSS. You have to wrap the code segment with the proper HTML (<code></code>) tags as well. – Colin Pear Dec 24 '12 at 11:55

There is a html tag named Code , You can use it and CSS to create yours code block.

for example :

   background-color : gray;
   padding : 5px;
<code>Your code here</code>
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To have code render on an HTML page you need to wrap it in a <code> tag.

The better approach is to combine it with a <pre> tag as well so that you indentation and spacing formatting is retained as well.

    Your code here
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There are lots of projects that will do this. One that I know of is on CodePlex called "ColorCode" which can color your code (by formatting it as HTML). You can append the output to a document:

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