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I try to insert some value from the database from the dictionary and it works fine but it inserts value in this format ex. "S" instead of S.

I try to use function split() as in example:

cat_sName = dumps(item_meta_data[int(menu_item.id)]['short_name'].split('"'))

and when I print cat_sName it print this value:

['', 'S', ''] instead of S

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You could use strip instead of split to get rid of the quotation marks:

>>> '"S"'.strip('"')

Where do they come from originally?

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thank you it works fine with strip() –  Fi3n1k Dec 24 '12 at 14:36

You should use strip() function to remove the double quotes:

Like this

cat_sName = dumps(item_meta_data[int(menu_item.id)]['short_name'].strip('"'))

strip function removes stuff whereas split function splits the string into an list based on the delimiter.You should strip to do removal jobs

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Try this :

cat_sName = dumps(item_meta_data[int(menu_item.id)]['short_name'].split('"')[1])
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