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I want to append the last motify date to a FileName which will be copyed I just know how to append the current date to a File,like:

 find -name *.log  -exec cp {} {}__$(date "+%F")__bak \;

and test.log --> test.log__2012.12.24__bak

I want test.log --> test.log__{last_mofigy_date}__bak

But how can I append the last modify date to the fileName ,it is best if it can be done in one statement

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One way:

$ for file in $(find .  -name *.log )
> do
>  x=$(stat -c %y $file)
>  echo cp $file ${file}_${x%% *}_bak
> done

This snippet will display the set of cp commands formed. If it is proper, remove the echo and run it to get the files copied.

Updated: Another way using just find and exec :

 find . -name *.log -exec bash -c 'x={} ; y=$(stat -c %y $x); echo cp $x ${x}_${y%% *}_bak ' \;
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This can be OK ,but can you just find a solution to do it in just one statement,like: find -name *.log -exec cp {} {}__$(????????)__bak \; –  mainlove Dec 24 '12 at 12:16
@mainlove : Updated the solution like you expected –  Guru Dec 24 '12 at 12:56

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