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Please help me in reading all the list of values present under my Goal Type drop down present in the Salesforce application:

HTML: <*select id="00N20000002gQI3" name="00N20000002gQI3" tabindex="3">

<option value="">--None--</option>

<option value="Asset Finance">Asset Finance</option>

<option value="Barcap">Barcap</option>

<option value="Barclaycard">Barclaycard</option>

<option value="Barclays Wealth">Barclays Wealth</option>

<option value="BGI">BGI</option>

<option value="Cash Management">Cash Management</option>

<option value="DCM">DCM</option>

<option value="Debt">Debt</option>

<option value="Deposit">Deposit</option>

<option value="ECM">ECM</option>

<option value="ESHLA">ESHLA</option>

<option value="Financial Need Assessment">Financial Need Assessment</option>

<option value="FX">FX</option>

<option value="Generic">Generic</option>

<option value="Individual Relationship">Individual Relationship</option>

<option value="M&A">M&A</option>

<option value="Managing Impairment">Managing Impairment</option>

<option value="Managing RWAs">Managing RWAs</option>

<option value="Marketing">Marketing</option>

<option value="Overall Relationship">Overall Relationship</option>

<option value="RSG">RSG</option>

<option value="Sales Finance">Sales Finance</option>

<option value="Trade">Trade</option><*/select>

Please let me know how can I read all the values present in the drop down...If you can share the code that will be a great help.

Regards, Sambit

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if you use this, it should return an array of all the option elements:

element_array = driver.findElement(By.xpath("//select[@id='00N20000002gQI3']/option"))

So you can just extract the text of each element from this array. There's no need to click on the elements.


and etc.

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Thanks Nora.. it worked. I had to reiterate to show the value. Because by default it shows the first value.. – user1834699 Dec 31 '12 at 9:57
you can use"//select[@id='00N20000002gQI3']/option[1]" "//select[@id='00N20000002gQI3']/option[2]", etc – Nora Jan 3 '13 at 15:53

Here is a method I have used before to select an option by value:

public static void selectInDropdownByValue(WebElement we, String val) {
    Select dropDown = new Select(we);           
    List<WebElement> theseOptions = dropDown.getOptions();
    for(WebElement option:theseOptions){

Sometimes, with some menus, this won't be enough. In that case you need to use a WebDriver "Action" to physically move the mouse and click the mouse button.

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You can use getOptions function of Select class. Loop through the list of webelements received and call getText to get the visible options..something like

Select sel = new Select(driver.findElement("yourlocator");
List of WebElements lst = sel.getOptions();
//iterate list with getText
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