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For example, I have 3 paragraphs :

<p id="txta">AAAAAAAAAAA</p>
<p id="txtb">BBBBBBBBBBB</p>
<p id="txtc">CCCCCCCCCCC</p>

And I have a script that hides them except one :

$('#buttonc').click(function () {        

Is there anyway I could implement a code so it would automatically hide all paragraphs which ID's INCLUDE "txt" (instead hiding one by one in his own line) and then just show the paragraph I would show? Something like :

$('#buttonc').click(function () {        

Is that possible?

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Thank you guys! –  user1880779 Dec 24 '12 at 12:02

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You can use wild card in selector. * will searches any where in the string, you can use starts with selector if you know that id will start with txt for startwith you need ^ instead of *

Live Demo

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Contains selector would help you:

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May be you can try my solution You can change with substring like this:

<p id="txt-a">AAAAAAAAAAA</p>
<p id="txt-b">BBBBBBBBBBB</p>
<p id="txt-c">CCCCCCCCCCC</p>

and jquery code:

$('#buttonc').click(function () {        
    $('[id |="txt"]').hide();

Good luck

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